5 Road Trips That Bikers Must Not Miss in Europe

Bikers get a high when they hit the road, but what makes them get that high? Well, as per the bikers, it is the feeling of danger and being vulnerable that heightens the senses.  Our planet is stunning and so are the road trips that different continents offer. If you are looking for some of the best road trips in the world, this article is for you. Let us see 5 not-to-miss road trips in Europe.

Explore Italy

There are some stunning road trips lying in between the Amalfi Coast, Alps, and the Gargano Coast. Bikers love to frequent the Transalpine Road, which connects Venice to Grenoble through the Alps. To explore the Apennine passes and experience some beautiful countryside coastal roads, start your trip from Bologna, Umbria, and back. The best time to take a road trip in Italy is late spring or early autumn. The months of July and August are quite hot and hence should be avoided. If you want to spend a few days here, book your vacation rental for your stay and explore the place completely.

The Road of a Thousand Bends

Start your journey from Naples and soon you will cruise round the bay. Then, pass through Sorrento on your way to the Isle of Capri. Soaking yourself in the beauty around, pass by Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi. This 50-km long stretch has 1,000 bends with some steep 180-degree turns. The road is meant only for the strong hearted adventurers who love to ride at heights. It is a cliffside route and at places, you can drop down right into the sea below if distracted as there is no barrier except for a low wall.

Britain’s Most Dangerous Road

The daredevils love this 11-Km long strip along the famous A537 and A54 Cat and Fiddle Road that runs between Macclesfield and Buxton. Though it has a speed restriction of 50mph, the bikers love it for its frequency and severity of the bends. You need to drive with full concentration here as the road keeps diving left and right, but the scenic beauty is just amazing.

The Transfagarasan Highway

Romania doesn’t offer too many endless miles of roads but for Transalpina and Transfagarasan. These are meant for adrenaline junkies that bikers are. The Transfagarasan highway runs across the highest mountains in the country for 35-Km. You need to plan the trip at the right time, which is mostly in early autumn or early summer. This is because the winters are brutal here and the roads get closed then.

Furka Pass

It is like a road between Gletsch and Andermatt that appears like made-to-order for bikers. There is a section at the top that is meant only for bikers. The view of the glacier at the summit is simply awesome.

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